Forschungsgruppe Data Mining in der Medizin

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Ehemalige Gruppenmitglieder

Ehemalige Mentees unserer Forschungsgruppe in akademischen Spitzenpositionen

  • Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Xin Sun
    Ocean University of China
    Postdoc 2016-2017
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Junming Shao
    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
    Doktorand 2008-2011
  • Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Tong He
    Central University of Finance and Economics, Peking, China
    Doktorandin, 2008-2009
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Claudia Plant
    Universität Wien
    Postdoc 2007-2008
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Baumgartner
    Technische Universität Graz
    Postdoc/Habilitand 2002-2003 (UMIT)
  • Dr. Son T. Mai, Lecturer
    Queen's University of Belfast, U.K.
    Doktorand 2010-2014.

Ehemalige Doktoranden unserer Forschungsgruppe

  • Dr. Wei Ye (2018)
    „Data Mining using Concepts of Independence, Unimodality, and Homophily“
  • Dr. Linfei Zhou (2018)
    „Indexing and Knowledge Discovery of Multiple-Instance Objects and Gaussian Mixture Models“
  • Dr. Andrew Zherdin (2015)
    „Efficient Data Mining Algorithms for Time Series and Complex Medical Data“
  • Dr. Xiao He (2014)
    „Multi-Purpose Exploratory Mining of Complex Data“
  • Dr. Jing Feng (2014)
    „Information-theoretic Graph Mining“
  • Dr. Son T. Mai (2014)
    „Density-based Algorithms for Active and Anytime Clustering“
  • Dr. Annahita Röhring (geb. Oswald) (2011)
    „Coping with New Challenges in Clustering and Biomedical Imaging“
  • Dr. Nikola Müller (2011)
    „Finding Correlations and Independencies in Omics Data“
  • Dr. Katrin Haegler (2011)
    „Similarity Search in Medical Data“
  • Prof. Dr. Junming Shao (2011)
    „Synchronization Inspired Data Mining“
  • Dr. Bianca Wackersreuther (2011)
    „Efficient Knowledge Extraction from Structured Data“
  • Dr. Elke Achtert (2007)
    “Hierarchical Subspace Clustering”